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Sketch Turner, a Comic artist and freelance Rock musician, is working on his new Graphic Novel known as the Comix Zone.  The story of the Comix Zone is about an organization known as the New Earth Alliance protecting earth from an Alien-Mutant alliance attacking earth.  Finishing up the final pages of the graphic novel, a freak Storm appears in New York and one of the main villains of his graphic novel escapes from the very pages and sends Sketch and his pet rat, Roadkill, into the world he created.
With the help of General Alissa Cyan, Roadkill, and his other protagonist creations, Sketch is gonna have to fight the main villain's armies of mutants, aliens, and other rogue's gallery of characters.  Sketch will soon learn that his little world he created is as real as his life.  And it's a long hard road out of the Comix Zone.

Sketch Turner: Sketch is an Artist and Rock musician, who created the Comix Zone and ends up teleported to his newly created world.  He is assisted by Alissa Cyan of the New Earth Alliance, Roadkill, his pet rat; The Titanium Warrior, Tiberius Rex, and Cerberus.  Throughout his adventure, he soon gains powers of his main protagonist known only to the characters as the Chosen one.

Alissa Cyan: General of the New Earth Alliance, Alissa is a no nonsense woman who thinks Sketch is a part of the story.  She sends him on missions with fellow operatives to stop the invasion and even jumps into the fray to help fight against them as well.

Roadkill: Sketch's Pet Rat who also was teleported and caged by the main villain's henchmen.  Having been teleported and hit in the tail by lightening, Roadkill has gained electric powers and can shock the enemies when he is let loose.

Titanium Warrior: Being part man and machine, Titanium Warrior was written to be partner of the hero.  He was killed but brought back with his personality intact.  He is very skeptical about Sketch being the "Chosen One" so he really just levels with Sketch and considers him more of a friend than someone to team up with.  He is armed with missiles, two mini guns in his chest, and jet boosters in his feet.

Tiberius Rex: Knowing that the aliens use mutants against earth, the NEA recreated dinosaur DNA, more specifically a Tyranosaurus Rex DNA code.  Mixing it with a human's DNA, Tiberius was born.  Trained by Navy SEALs, Marines, and other Special Forces, Tiberius was the perfect mutant soldier…Or was written to be that.  Tiberius is more laid back than Sketch expected, but is ready at anytime to fight the aliens and mutants.  He wields an experimental Assault Rifle and uses his teeth when hungry for mutant flesh.

Cerberus: A Dog Mutant who is mentally unbalanced due to his DNA being of both Doberman Pincher and Akita as well as being humanoid.  He rushes into the mutant horde headfirst like a berserker and wields a huge sword.  He is a bit paranoid when Sketch comes around him, sometimes he thinks Sketch is a bad guy and he has to then be put on a chain, then other times Cerberus treats Sketch like a partner.

The Main Villain aka MORTUS: Sketch was finishing up the story and could not think of a name for one of the three main villains. That was until lightening brought the villain to life, that was when Sketch yelled out the name "MORTUS!"  The other characters just call him the main villain, but soon call him MORTUS.  He teleported Sketch and Roadkill to the Comix Zone and begins drawing up more creatures for Sketch and the NEA to fight.  He is almost all mechanical and considers himself a mutant.  He wears a Duster and a hood to cover his face, only showing his gleaming, dead, robotic eye.
Well I had said before on my list for games that should be remade that Comix Zone was one I'd get to. I got the main story intact, But I extended it a bit more. It would actually consist of 10 Chapters since it'd be a graphic Novel that Sketch was making. And I added three characters to help Sketch. And I even hinted at a sequel or two if a remake was to be done.
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vasile20022003 Featured By Owner May 24, 2015
i wish they would remake this game with pixel art like the roginal
himegirl15 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a good idea loved the game as a child too.
skylander2301 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Sega, please. LOOK! AT! THIS!
DANMAKUMAN Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So damn cool dude, this is a fantastic idea.
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